Univision and T-Mobile Create Hispanic Wireless Service

by Matt Klassen on May 16, 2014

Spanish-language entertainment media giant Univision is looking to extend its reach into the wireless business with a little help from everyone’s favourite UnCarrier, T-Mobile. On Thursday the two firms announced the creation of Univision Mobile, a joint wireless service specifically targeting the Hispanic market with unique plans and specialized Univision content.

Like many entertainment companies, Univision is looking to extend its brand into the mobile market, while the partnership could serve as yet one more avenue for T-Mobile to attract consumers as competition in the wireless market continues to intensify. But that said, it’s not like Univision is blazing any sort of trail here, as many entertainment brands have attempted the jump into the mobile market, most ending in abject failure.

But where previous attempts saw the entertainment company attempt to assume the role of wireless provider, Univision is letting T-Mobile do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the mobile side of things, meaning Univision will focus on the content, promotions, and brand awareness side of things while T-Mobile covers customer support, billing, and all those other boring logistical concerns.

As mentioned, entertainment brands have attempted the jump into the wireless business before, most notably companies like ESPN and Disney, who tried their respective hands at being a wireless service provider before meeting with total failure. Those companies, however, struck reseller agreements in which they assumed the role of provider, with all the work contained therein, and simply weren’t able to handle the logistical side of things.

But where those companies failed it looks like Univision might actually succeed, given that the Spanish-language entertainment titan has struck a true partnership with T-Mobile, instead of just a reseller agreement. By striking such a partnership both parties get to focus on what they’re good at, Univision will advertise and deliver content, T-Mobile will offer the wireless service itself.

The great thing about Univision Mobile, though, is that it is actually targeted to Hispanic customers, particularly those with family in other countries. The unique Univision plans all offer 100 minutes to call a mobile or landline number from the US to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela. As with all regular T-Mobile plans, the Univision Mobile plans also include unlimited text messaging to select Latin countries, and more than 200 countries overall.

“Hispanic-Americans are among the largest, most important and most influential groups in the U.S. today,” said Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile, in a statement. “And they deserve wireless tailored to their interests and needs.”

Now T-Mobile isn’t the first carrier to attempt to corner the Hispanic market in America, as last year Verizon teamed up with Jennifer Lopez to launch Viva Mobil, a dedicated Hispanic retail store that sold Verizon phones and services. Further, around the world we’ve seen such dedicated services offered not only to people groups, but religious groups, certain age groups, and the LGBT community.

But in regards to the American Hispanic community, T-Mobile thinks it can do better than anything currently available. “We’ve looked at all the offerings in the marketplace and we think others are getting it wrong,” said Sievert.

UnivisionMobilewill launch on May 19th in 1,000 Wal-Mart stores and 3,000 dealer stores across the nation, with the possibility that it may also appear in T-Mobile stores going forward as well.

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