Samsung Allegedly Readies Smartwatch Phone

by Istvan Fekete on May 27, 2014

Neither Apple nor Google has a smartwatch yet, but Samsung is already working on the third-generation smart wearable device. This time, however, it is aiming higher: it will unveil a smartwatch that works as a stand-alone phone, the Wall Street Journal has heard.

The currently available smartwatches have to be connected to the user’s phone in order to receive calls, but Samsung’s new device will reportedly eliminate any kind of connection with the phone and enable users to make and receive calls, people familiar with the company’s plans have told the newspaper.

In addition to its function as a phone, the wearable smart device will also be able to take photos, and send email; and will have GPS, Bluetooth, and a heart monitor built in, the sources revealed.

Samsung has already opened talks with wireless carriers in the US, South Korea, and Europe on the smartwatch phone topic, as the manufacturer plans to unveil the device either next month or in July. It will run Tizen, Samsung’s own operating system, developed with some help from Intel.

The rumour comes on the heels of rumours of Apple developing an iWatch, alongside Google and ZTE, players which also reiterated interest in the new category of devices. Apple’s iWatch is widely expected to be unveiled this year.

Samsung already has four smartwatches on the market, including the Galaxy Gear and the Gear 2. The former runs Android, the latter, Tizen.

As you may expect, the new smartwatch phone device will ship with a SIM card, and will be the only stand-alone watch-phone from Samsung, but will join the handful of Chinese brands already on sale on various websites and stores.

The sources left multiple questions unanswered, such as whether or not the device will come unlocked, which bands it will support, etc. Analysts, however, aren’t confident that such devices will gain traction among users.

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