Microsoft Smartwatch Will Connect to iPhones and Android Smartphones

by Istvan Fekete on May 30, 2014

The latest player to enter the smartwatch game is Microsoft, and it’s aiming high: according to sources speaking with Forbes, the company’s device will pack multiple sensors and measure heart rate.

Rumours of a Microsoft smartwatch started circulating early this year, and as it turns out, the company has been pushing its development to unveil the device as early as this summer, although sources have been vague about the release date.

The device is said to draw on optical engineering expertise from Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect division to continuously measure heart rate throughout the day and night, according to people familiar with the matter, while the battery life will match that of the Galaxy Gear Fit, meaning about two days.

“Still, early indications suggest the smartwatch may already be a step ahead from current fitness trackers like the Gear Fit, which requires users to turn on its heart-rate monitor. Microsoft’s device will track continuous heart rate over the course of a person’s day, sources say. The watch will look similar to the Samsung Gear Fit and feature a full-color touch screen about the size of half a stick of gum, positioned on the inside of the wearer’s wrist. The unorthodox screen-placing appears to be aimed at making it easier and more private to view notifications,” Forbes informs.

But the most interesting thing about the device is that Microsoft doesn’t want to limit itself to the Windows Phone, which, by the way, is struggling to gain traction worldwide, so it will make the device compatible with the most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

This makes a lot of sense, as the Android has about 80% share of the global smartphone market, and iOS, nearly 15%. The Windows platform is only projected to reach the 3.5% mark by the end of this year.

As it turns out, the software company is moving toward hardware and wants its share of the wearables market, which is currently dominated by Samsung. Apple has yet to announce its iWatch, which is supposed to be arriving sometime this year, and since the market is heating up, more players are becoming interested in the new buzz that will create a new revenue stream. Those betting on a Microsoft smartwatch can only hope the company won’t repeat the same mistakes it made with the Surface tablet.

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