Apple Smartwatch Rumoured for October Release

by Matt Klassen on June 10, 2014

Apple is poised to rollout its first attempt at a wearable smartwatch this October, a report from Japanese news firm Nikkei stated late last week, and the initial production run is aiming to deliver 3 to 5 million watches to market just in time for the Christmas buying spree. Citing sources along the production line, the report indicates that Apple is pouring significant resources into this new product, one the Cupertino Company clearly hopes will take the world by storm, galvanizing interest in the Apple brand once more.

Further, the report stated that Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch would likely sport a curved OLED display and come with the same functionality that we’ve already seen with most smartwatch brands: health and fitness monitoring such as blood glucose levels and calorie consumption, in addition to rumours that the watch will operate as a smartphone companion, that is, an extension of your smartphone instead of a stand-alone product.

While it’s clear that Wall Street is hoping that expansion into new wearable markets and the release of new products will help Apple’s stock recover from its years-long slump, I have to wonder if Apple’s time in the limelight has truly passed us by.

If Apple should release an iOS-based smartwatch come October the one and only thing I’ll be looking for is whether or not it pushes the boundaries of an established market, as the one thing Apple has yet to prove is if it can dominate a market it didn’t ostensibly create. If Apple produces a watch that does what every other smartwatch on the market does, offering little innovation or flare, I would wager that new product or not, the consumer market will quickly get bored of it.

You see, the thing lacking from Apple isn’t new products, its innovative products. The company revolutionized the world with the invention of the iPod MP3 player, yet again with the development of the modern smartphone, and it did so one more time with the creation of the tablet. In all cases Apple pushed the boundaries of existing technology into markets it virtually created and consumers flocked to those devices in droves.

The smartwatch is different, however, as the market is already fairly well-established. Samsung, the biggest name in that genre, is already working on its third generation smartwatch, and other players from a multitude of industries have tried their hands at niche wrist wearables as well.

If Apple hopes that its name alone will help the company establish a dominant foothold in this market, baiting consumers along with promises of something new and shiny, I have to think that this time the public simply won’t fall for it. Apple has disappointed us for too many years now under Tim Cook’s watch, and unless Apple really gives us something we haven’t seen before, I think the predominant response will be nothing more than a derisive eye roll or an apathetic yawn.

But again, we’ve heard all this about a prospective Apple smartwatch before, the only thing new here is that we now have a potential date for our collective disappointment, as increasingly it looks like October (just in time for Christmas) is when Apple hopes to bring its latest product to market.

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