Rogers Hardware Update Policy Now Requires Share Everything Plan

by Istvan Fekete on June 16, 2014

Rogers has changed its Hardware Upgrade Plan (HUP). Under the new policy, Canada’s No. 1 carrier will require customers to upgrade to one of its Share Everything plans if customer is after upgrading its (three-year-old?) hardware. The new HUP takes effect tomorrow, June 17.

In other words, a hardware upgrade means two things for Rogers customers: first, they will be required to sign up for a two-year term, and secondly will need to choose one of the carrier’s pricing plans starting at $80/month. Previously, users had been able to keep their existing plans when upgrading as long as their voice and data combination totaled $60 (without add-ons and tax).

As reported by the user WoldIRC of HowardForums, there is an exception policy – if you already spend at least $80 per month (without add-ons and tax) – but “reps are being strongly encouraged to migrate clients onto the new plans.”

“There is also an exception policy if your monthly spend is between $60–$79/month (plan + features). This exception requires store manager approval, and an expectation will be set with the client that this is the last upgrade at their current price point.”

With the new policy, Rogers’ plan is obvious: it wants to get as many customers as possible to dump their old three-year plan and force them to choose one of the “simpler and easier to understand” Share Everything plans, which, by the way, do include unlimited talk and text. The catch appears to be on the data.

For example, the less inexpensive Share Everything plan retails for $80, and includes only 500 MB of data (alongside unlimited voice and text). To get at least 2 GB of data, customers need to increase their monthly payment to $90. And since they are being encouraged to share the data they have with multiple accounts, the potential for higher monthly bills is very high.

In a statement sent to iPhone in Canada, Rogers informed its customers that the new HUP policy wouldn’t apply to Fido, but to Rogers customers only.

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