Canadian Telecom Companies Should Focus on Time-Saving Solutions, Rogers CEO Says

by Istvan Fekete on June 17, 2014

The telecom sector should focus on doing a better job of providing technology that reduces the time customers spend on daily tasks such as shopping, banking, and traveling, Rogers CEO Guy Laurence said yesterday at an event organized by Mark H. Goldberg & Associates Inc. & NBI/Michael Sone Associates Inc (via the Star).

“If we don’t understand how valuable their time is, and design what do with this in mind, then we will be irrelevant,” Rogers CEO Guy Laurence said Monday at the Canadian Telecom Summit, an annual industry event in Toronto.

As far as he can see, customers want to do their daily tasks online, while businesses want to increase productivity. As an example (for customers), Laurence brought up the “busy parent” and said they are ready to pay more to be able to spend quality time with their children and have their groceries delivered to the door, instead of going shopping and wasting time in traffic and in stores.

“Let’s be clear. It’s not that they’re trying to avoid the groceries; it’s about buying back two hours of their life every week.”

According to Laurence, the Canadian wireless industry hasn’t done enough to provide time-savings, and pointed to the never-ending list of pricing plans that force customers to spend endless time searching for the telcos’ best plans and on the phone with call centres. This is wrong , Laurence says. People want such tasks done quickly.

“Lots of people don’t want to call a call centre. They want to go online and solve it in three minutes, not 30,” Laurence said. “Don’t get me wrong. I think there will always be call centres but are we really bringing in enough simplicity to our customers?”

While pointing to the aforementioned telecom issues, Laurence didn’t mention what steps Rogers have taken to simplify and enhance the customer experience.

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