Quebecor Ready to Challenge Big Three

by Istvan Fekete on June 19, 2014

Quebecor is ready to take up the challenge to become the fourth national wireless player, the company’s president and CEO Pierre Dion said yesterday, speaking at the 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto.

He outlined the company’s future goals: to bring a new, low-cost wireless service to the country, providing competitive voice, data, and roaming plans, which is currently only available in Europe and Australia.

“Our vision is to provide Canadians with a new high quality, low-cost wireless choice and real wireless competition,” said Mr. Dion. “We aim to deliver real low-cost wireless plans for consumers, real wireless competition, and a real new offering in the Canadian marketplace. Under the right conditions, we are ready, willing and able to become Canada’s “fourth wireless competitor.”

He also pointed to Quebecor’s unique position on the market: it may emerge as the fourth national player and, as such, it may become the “cure” for the government’s controversial wireless policy. You may recall that we have heard the government state many times that it wants to bring you more choice and lower prices in wireless services.

Pierre Dion is apparently confident of Quebecor’s position: the company has the experience, the financial background, and the equipment to launch a wireless service outside the Québec area it currently covers. And, by the way, it acquired wireless spectrum in key geographic areas during the last spectrum auction.

Alongside Dion’s speech at the telecom summit, Quebecor launched a new website,, promoting the company’s vision for affordable wireless prices.

Considering its previous silence regarding future plans, Quebecor’s recent actions could mean one of two things: either it had the much anticipated conversation with the Industry Minister and managed to secure new rules to foster the growth of small wireless companies; or more likely Quebecor just performed a well-planned PR stunt and started lobbying the government for more small-carrier-friendly rules.

Now, there is only one problem. Wind Mobile’s Anthony Lacavera has the same ambitions: will the two join forces to compete against the incumbents, or will they compete against each other?

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