Snapchat May Have Found A Way How to Monetize App

by Istvan Fekete on June 23, 2014

The feature that fostered Snapchat’s success – ephemeral messaging, which is mostly associated with sexting – is no longer the most popular. As it turns out, the most popular feature of the app is the least ephemeral: Stories, the app owners tell The Verge.

One billion stories are viewed per day, according to the Snapchat statement, up from 500 million recorded two months ago. For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, Stories launched last year and allows users to create compilations of snaps that last 24 hours and are viewable only by friends. Of course, there is a button to enable public viewing as well.

Snapchat has launched its own “Story” to test how going beyond the “private” view option would work: “Our Story” taps into the group of 400,000 ravers who participated in last weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, allowing them to add photos or videos they took to one giant communal Snapchat story.

Of course, there is a strong need for curation, so Snapchat will obviously make sure the snaps meet the company requirement in order to eliminate inappropriate material. The EDC Live Story will be visible automatically for everyone who was present at the event, but those who were not present can view the story as well, but only as spectators.

What’s new is that through this “story” Snapchat goes beyond the “limitation” of friends and allows collaboration between users who aren’t friends, and so the company is moving toward the “messaging” focus it originally had.

Snapchat has been silent about what future events it is interested in attaching to its future “stories”. Since this is the first “Our Story”, we can consider it an experiment. But if it is successful (give me one good reason why it wouldn’t be), we can expect more stories from the company. They may even start rolling out Sponsored live Stories and finally add a revenue stream to start making money.

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