Google to Integrate Samsung’s KNOX Technology into the Next Android Version

by Istvan Fekete on June 26, 2014

The next version of Android will ship with Samsung’s KNOX Security technology on board, Google’s Sundar Pichai said yesterday. The partnership was announced during the keynote that kicked off the annual Google I/O developer conference (via The Wall Street Journal).

Samsung’s KNOX Security technology is used in enterprise, so by adopting it Google apparently hopes to increase Android’s appeal among security-minded businesses and governments, an area dominated by BlackBerry, and in which Apple is beginning to gain significant market share.

The agreement between the two tech giants is the latest sign of cooperation between the two which dominate the global smartphone sales. To put that into numbers: Android remains the most popular smartphone OS on a global scale, and Samsung accounted for about 30% of all smartphone shipments in the first quarter of the year, with about four in five smartphones running Android, the IDC data shows.

Under the new agreement, Samsung will embed the KNOX platform into all devices shipping the latest version of Android, which means it will open up is proprietary technology to rival Android handset makers such as LG, HTC and Lenovo. This may sound a bit strange, but Samsung is apparently betting on the enhancements it will bring to Android’s reputation. You may recall that Android is the most malware-targeted mobile OS and ranked insecure by multiple security companies.

This is about to change, thanks to Samsung’s helping hand: KNOX.

The technology, however, won’t be opened up in full to all players: it will be made available to all Android devices, but not all core security features of KNOX will be shared. Still, the deal is a “ground-breaking partnership with Google”, as Injong Rheee, KNOX business group leader revealed in a statement.

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