Apple’s iWatch Facing Critical Delays

by Matt Klassen on August 26, 2014

Production issues are plaguing Apple’s latest creation, the rumoured iWatch smartwatch, financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported recently. Apple’s efforts to bring the so-called iWatch to market are presenting “a much higher level of difficulty for the company,” according to Kuo, who goes on to say that problems Apple is facing include component issues, system design, manufacturing delays, and software/hardware integration.

Due to these production issues Kuo concludes that the iWatch will likely be delayed, missing the lucrative pre-Christmas release date and perhaps not hitting store shelves until sometime in 2015; although admittedly there is no definitive evidence of this delay, or even confirmation that Apple is indeed producing a smartwatch at all.

But if Apple isn’t able to produce an iWatch in time for the holiday season it could impact the tech market in a number of ways: First, Wall Street could finally turn its back on Apple, and second, Apple’s competitors could use this as leverage to market their own products. But perhaps none of that matters, for Apple clearly still has the ability to shake-up a market, regardless of when it chooses to enter it, so long as the final product can capture the hearts (and wallets) of the masses.

I’ll admit at the outset that the entire smartwatch market, perhaps the entire wearable technology sector, seems to be waiting for Apple, as the fledgling niche has yet to really capture the attention of the general public. Of course the longer Apple delays entering the market, the longer the firm’s competitors have to hone their own offerings, perhaps finally producing something that makes people forget about Apple altogether.

While admittedly this story rests on the speculation of one financial analyst, it should be noted that Kuo has repeatedly demonstrated an uncanny knack at discovering what Apple is doing behind closed doors, correctly predicting the company’s entire 2012 Fall product line-up, and reporting on the affordable iMac released earlier this year. That said, Kuo has been less accurate when it comes to predicting Apple’s release schedule, meaning we should take all this with a grain of salt.

In fact, the reality is that we’re talking about predictions of production issues and release delays regarding an iWatch we’re not entirely sure is coming, although the real surprise would be if Apple wasn’t producing one.

There is also speculation that these rumoured delays are due to Apple’s latest display glass, the super-hard sapphire glass that Apple has recently invested in. While Apple hoped to include this new glass on the iWatch and the next iPhone, rumours suggest that it won’t be ready in time, or that there’s not enough supply to cover both the iPhone and iWatch projects.

While certainly bold, the truth is that Kuo’s prediction flies in the face of the general thinking of the industry, as other analysts have recently stated that Apple’s schedule for an October release of its first wearable device was on track, and until last week, it was a sentiment that Kuo had echoed as well. But that said, it’ll be interested to see what happens if Apple does indeed miss the lucrative holiday release window, as one of these days I’m confident the general public is simply going to lose interest in waiting for the next great thing out of Cupertino.

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