Apple Fans have Samsung to Thank for Bigger iPhones

by Matt Klassen on September 17, 2014

With rabid Apple fans clamouring over the company’s newly unveiled iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the reality is that those Apple fans have one company to thank for these long awaited changes, and it’s not their beloved Cupertino wunderkind, it’s that hated company from across the pond that does nothing but copy and mimic Apple’s brilliance: Samsung.

Now I would imagine that for some Apple fans that this news might be considered anathema, one of the greatest lies every perpetrated on the human race, as there seems to be a feeling within Apple fandom that the Cupertino Company answers to nobody, that perhaps the company can’t be—or doesn’t need to be—influenced by anyone else, and finds the inspiration for its brilliant products on high–God (or perhaps Donald Trump) being the only other being fit to weigh in on the company’s product decisions.

But as painful as the truth is, there’s no question in my mind that we would not have seen Apple depart from Steve Jobs’ “perfect” form factor had it not been for the ongoing—albeit confusing—popularity of Samsung’s over-sized Galaxy Note phablet series. So in delicious twist of irony Apple, having long accused Samsung of copying its products, now finds itself in an interesting position, the mimicker instead of the mimickee.

After years of being mocked and maligned for copying Apple’s mobile brilliance, Samsung, it seems, is now finally able to boast about something it started, a trend it began that Apple has now been forced to follow…and you can bet Samsung is letting everyone know.

While it started with a rather benign jab at Apple in a Twitter tweet following Apple’s unveiling event last week, Samsung has taken to the airwaves with six new television spots lambasting the new iPhone 5 Plus, poking fun at everything from the iPhone 6’s lack of a stylus (you’re going to hate that Apple users) to some embarrassing glitches during the rollout event.

Not only that, Samsung wants everyone to know it was right all alone about the popularity of phablets, despite what everyone in the tech world (including me) had to say about it. In a new advertisement featuring the latest Galaxy Note 4, the Korean company doesn’t mince words in reminding us that it, not the divinely inspired Apple, started the big phone craze more than three years ago.

Granted it does seem like a stroke of prophetic genius given that early iterations of the company’s oversized smartphone line drew criticism and ridicule (“You look like you’re talking into a piece of toast” – Walt Mossberg for the WSJ, 2011) for the fact it obscured most of the user’s face and seemed to be a step backward in convenient, integrated mobile technology, a trend I personally never thought would catch on.

But of course, given that Apple fans are facing cold hard truths, it seems only appropriate that I offer Samsung come food for thought, the revelation that Dell, not Samsung, was the first to pioneer the phablet, and although the Dell Streak was doomed to failure, in retrospect it was a visionary product that paved the way for Samsung’s Galaxy Note and, now, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

So while Samsung is clearly enjoying the fact that Apple has finally had to follow its lead, perhaps the Korean company’s enthusiasm needs to be tempered just a touch, given that it stood on the shoulders of others as well in the phablet race.

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