This Isn’t Your Father’s Mitel Anymore

by Matt Klassen on October 8, 2014

I don’t think it’s overstating things to say that Mitel may be one of the greatest Canadian telecom success stories in history, particularly when you contrast its recovery and revival with the fate of its now defunct cross-town rival Nortel Networks. It was less than a decade ago that Nortel stood as the bastion of Canadian telecom success, boasting sales that dwarfed Mitel at the time. But as both companies stood on the cusp of a changing telecom market, it was Mitel, not Nortel, who took the necessary steps to evolve, leaving its much larger rival to be picked apart by the carrion birds.

Mitel’s sustained success was epitomized earlier this month when the firm unveiled a significant rebranding, a brand new face lift that positions the Ottawa-based telecom company well as a competitor not only today, but moving forward into the future. Its new logo, two interconnected triangles, represents the company’s renewed focus in the market, establishing connections in a global ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers.

To that end, the Mitel that has emerged from this rebranding looks sleeker than ever before, employing a radically altered business model that sees the firm move away from its traditional focus on hardware in favour of communications software aimed at connecting businesses with the cloud and with the future of telecom technology.

“Mitel has undergone a massive transformation. We have emerged as a truly global industry leader in market,” Rich McBee, CEO of Mitel, said in a statement. “The new Mitel is a company on the move and the rebranding is another major milestone in our journey.”

“There’s been a lot of change in the marketplace and we needed to make sure our identity was aligned with the new Mitel,” McBee added. “We’ve done a lot of work under the hood and now it’s time for a paint job.”

As mentioned, the rebranding comes with a new philosophy on how to achieve success in the telecom market, and a newly branded company moniker that reflects the company’s focus. “Our original name is now supported by two interlocking connectors and a new tagline – ‘Powering connections’ – which together reflects the unprecedented nature of the world we live in and the global ecosystem of customers, partners and suppliers who have been central to our success since we founded the company more than four decades ago,” said Terry Matthews, chairman and co-founder of Mitel.

All that to say, this isn’t your father’s Mitel anymore; in fact, it’s not even the Mitel you and I remember from yesterday. Over the past several years theOttawatelecom firm has experienced exponential growth, more so than even the company’s own leadership predicted.

“If you look at Mitel today, it is nothing like it was two years ago,” McBee said ahead of the launch. “We’ve over doubled in size, doubled in the number of facilities, doubled the number of employees we have. It’s just a much larger, more successful company.”

The one thing that hasn’t changed is Mitel’s core focus, connecting business-to-business customers, and regardless of what technology is employed or how those connections are made it is, as McBee notes, “the game we play,” a game Mitel has shown incredibly adept at playing, even as that game itself continues to evolve.

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