SaskTel Releases Transparency Report 2013

by Istvan Fekete on October 14, 2014

SaskTel is the next telco in line to publicly release the first transparency report for 2013 since the eavesdropping scandal unveiled that government and police agencies request information about customers. The transparency report details the number and different types of requests SaskTel received in 2013.

Although its customers’ privacy is important and the company takes active steps to protect their information, SaskTel complies with Saskatchewan privacy laws. There is a team of people within SaskTel who have a mandate and directive to proactively manage privacy on a day-to-day basis.

The regional carrier received seven types of requests last year:

(1) Customer name/address look up to confirm a customer’s name and address

(2) Court order/warrant (including production orders, summonses, subpoenas and search warrants, which compel SaskTel to provide the information listed on the court order or to assist the police in some manner, such as setting up a wiretap.
(3) Freedom of information and protection of privacy requests made by the police. This means the police turns to SaskTel if they have an active investigation and a cell phone number, and want to obtain an address and account holder.
(4) Federal or provincial government demand asking for information such as payment history, billing records, or the like
(5) Emergency requests from police in life-threatening situations: The carrier must assist the police in locating someone with a cellular phone and provide contact details in emergency situations.
(6) Child sexual exploitation emergency assistance requests
(7) Request for information declined: SaskTel declines to share information with officials if a request has not received the approval of a court or other judicial officer.

As the Transparency Report reveals, SaskTel received 11,857 requests for information from authorities and, of those, emergency requests accounted for 4,711 and general requests, for 1,582. You can read the full report here.

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