5 Call-tracking Platforms to Help Boost Your Business

by Jeff Wiener on October 28, 2014

If there’s one communication solution that many businesses in Canada and around the world often overlook it’s the importance of call-tracking, but to fair, it’s not entirely their fault. The reality is that many call-tracking platforms available on the market today are so difficult to implement and interpret that they serve little purpose anyways, forcing many businesses to limit their use of call-tracking software (thus not benefiting from its full functionality) or simply ignore it completely.

But the truth of the matter is that if you want your business to succeed to today’s competitive, technology-driven market, you need to employ an advanced call-tracking platform, one that delivers not only advanced statistics and feedback, but one that is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into your existing communication network.

It’s here that the rigorous evaluation process of telecom analysis website TopSEOs is invaluable, as the team’s “in-depth analysis delves into the features of the call tracking software and compares them against what other competing services have to offer.” By examining the call-tracking interface, the platform’s ease of integration, its features, the quality of its technical support, and the reporting methods the software provides, TopSEOs has compiled a list of the top call-tracking platforms in Canada, and here’s a selection of some of the key standouts:

1) Call Tracking Metrics

Ranked as the #1 Call-Tracking platform available on the market today, Call Tracking Metrics serves over 4000 agencies and businesses around the world in over 30 countries. Its advanced call-monitoring and reporting system delivers advanced statistics about what marketing channels are the most effective, identifying “which of your marketing channels are generating call leads that result in conversions.”

2) LOGMyCalls

Utilized by several of North America’s largest companies, LOGMyCalls delivers an advanced call-tracking solution focused on flexibility and control, allowing clients to maximize marketing efficiency and increase sales. As the company writes, “LogMyCalls is the smarter call for companies that demand more from their call tracking software.”

3) KeyMetric

Rounding out the top five best call-tracking platforms in Canada, KeyMetric serves several key financial institutions across the continent, its unique session-based platform architecture “means you easily and accurately connect every inbound phone call and conversion to the originating source, domain, advertisement, media, ppc keyword, and/ or search engine query.”

4) Marchex

Driven by a vision to be a global leader in connecting people, businesses, and communities, the Seattle-based Marchex ranks as TopSEOs’ 8th best call-tracking platform provider in Canada, a company committed to providing local businesses with the best products for finding and keeping new customers.

5) Call Source

Offering a unique take on the services it provides, Call Source touts itself as a “doctor that cures businesses.” Through its analysis of your business’s marketing and sales, Call Source will be able to determine problems hampering growth and provide the call-tracking solutions ideal to solving those specific problems. Just as a doctor would, Call Source analyzes the client, diagnoses the problem, and provides a solution.

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