’s Top 6 Posts for October 2014

by Jeff Wiener on November 1, 2014

1. This Isn’t Your Father’s Mitel Anymore

It was less than a decade ago that Nortel stood as the bastion of Canadian telecom success, boasting sales that dwarfed Mitel at the time. But as both companies stood on the cusp of a changing telecom market, it was Mitel, not Nortel, who took the necessary steps to evolve, leaving its much larger rival to be picked apart by the carrion birds.

Mitel’s sustained success was epitomized earlier this month when the firm unveiled a significant rebranding, a brand new face lift that positions the Ottawa-based telecom company well as a competitor not only today, but moving forward into the future. Its new logo, two interconnected triangles, represents the company’s renewed focus in the market, establishing connections in a global ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers.

2. 5 Call-tracking Platforms to Help Boost Your Business

If there’s one communication solution that many businesses inCanadaand around the world often overlook it’s the importance of call-tracking, but to fair, it’s not entirely their fault. The reality is that many call-tracking platforms available on the market today are so difficult to implement and interpret that they serve little purpose anyways, forcing many businesses to limit their use of call-tracking software (thus not benefiting from its full functionality) or simply ignore it completely.

By examining the call-tracking interface, the platform’s ease of integration, its features, the quality of its technical support, and the reporting methods the software provides, TopSEOs has compiled a list of the top call-tracking platforms inCanada, and this post covers a selection of some of the key standouts.

3. Microsoft CEO Inadvertently Shines Light on Gender Inequality

This month Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella inadvertently revealed the lingering presence of the gender gap in today’s workplace, stepping in a steaming pile of controversy when he suggested that women in the tech industry shouldn’t ask for raises, but rather trust that the system will take care of them.

But according to a later response from Nadella, clearly in damage control, while such a gender gap may exist in the tech industry in general, Microsoft remains unblemished by such sexism, stating that his company pays equally regardless of gender. “I checked that it is something that we are enforcing,” said Nadella, when asked about equal pay. “We are in fact in good shape. Men and women get paid equally at Microsoft.”

4. Wind Mobile Calls CRTC to Cut Wholesale Roaming Rates

The incumbents are charging rivals too much for roaming services, said Wind Mobile during this month’s CRTC hearing about the wholesale wireless market.Ottawahas capped some rates, but the charges are too high, argued Simon Lockie, Wind’s chief regulatory officer.

It was a message that was reiterated by almost all of the smaller carriers across the country, most notably the burgeoning fourth major player in Canadian wireless, Quebecor, with Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Quebecor subsidiary Videotron, urging the CRTC to introduce roaming charges based on real network usage costs.

5. The Forthcoming U.S. Wireless Spectrum Auction and You

Wireless spectrum: It is to the wireless industry what oil is to the automotive industry, a finite resource that serves as the lifeblood of the modern conveniences we hold most dear. While I’ll admit that writing about the radio waves designated to transmit data over the air from your smartphone to the Internet isn’t the most engaging topic in the world, as theU.S. government stands poised to hold its first wireless spectrum auction in six years, it’s something you might want to pay attention to.

Beyond improving networks, and thus your wireless experience, this auction has the potential to serve as a catalyst for a shift in the balance of power in the wireless market, allowing companies like T-Mobile to finally compete with AT&T and Verizon.

6. Wind Mobile Names Pietro Cordova CEO – Lacavera Remains Chairman

Struggling Canadian carrier Wind Mobile is about to undergo further changes: The wireless startup announced this month that it is promoting Pietro Cordova to Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Anthony Lacavera, who has been the heart of the company, will remain Wind Mobile’s Chairman and a shareholder, and will take an active role at board level, including working with the company on business planning and strategy. He will also continue to advocate for the carrier.

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