Blackberry Lures iPhone Customers with $600 Rebate

by Matt Klassen on November 27, 2014

Blackberry wants the customers back that it lost over the years to Apple’s iPhone, and it’s willing to pay them to switch. The Waterloo Company announced this week that it has launched an iPhone rebate program of sorts, offering iPhone users as much as $600 to switch to a BlackBerry Passport phone.

Canadian iPhone users with an iPhone 4S model or later (excluding the iPhone 6 Plus) are eligible for up to $400 in trade-in value towards the Passport (depending on the model of the iPhone), plus the company is throwing in a $200 top-up for good measure. For American iPhone users, they are eligible for the same amount of trade-in value, and will receive $150 USD top-up from the company.

While we’ve seen this sort of promotional pay-to-switch campaign from wireless carriers before—most notably T-Mobile and its ongoing UnCarrier campaign—this marks the most memorable one (for me at least) where a smartphone maker offered significant financial incentives to switch phones. It’ll be interesting to see just how effective this promotion is at enticing users to drop their iPhone and embrace the squareness that is the Blackberry Passport.

How it works is simple: the better iPhone you have (from a 4S on up), the more money is available to you in the rebate. So if you’re less than satisfied with your suddenly (and accidentally) bendable iPhone 6, perhaps $600 towards a Passport is enough to motivate it you to change. The phone must be in working condition mind you. It should be reiterated that as of now it seems the iPhone 6 Plus is not included in this promotion.

Now with such significant financial incentives you had to know it wouldn’t be as easy as wandering into your local Best Buy and trading in your iPhone for a Blackberry Passport; with that much money on the line, well you’re going to have to jump through some hoops.

As CBC News explains, “Anyone trading in iPhones must purchase a new BlackBerry from or from The money will be provided on a prepaid Visa gift card and mailed to users within six weeks of receiving the iPhone and proof of purchase of a Passport, according to a blog post by BlackBerry. The promotion starts Dec. 1 and runs to Feb. 13, 2015.”

To further entice customers, perhaps those wary of the fact that the Passport won’t fit in their pocket (but at least it won’t bend either, right?); Blackberry CEO John Chen announced that the Passport would be available in two new colours, red and white in addition to the regular black.

So perhaps flashing an iPhone around town isn’t the elite status symbol it once was, perhaps you’re in the market for a new status symbol, one that screams unique (as in, no one else will have one), well then you’re in luck my friend, Blackberry wants to pay you to switch, to embrace the square, to be one of a kind. Of course you’ll be one of a kind because you’ll be the only one enticed by this promotion…but I digress.

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