Yahoo and Microsoft Aim to Replace Google on Apple Devices

by Istvan Fekete on November 28, 2014

Online search giant Google is slowly losing market share: Just last week, Yahoo and Mozilla joined forces in a new partnership that places Yahoo’s search engine as the default in the Firefox browser instead of the usual Google search engine.

This is just one of the most recent moves in the tech world: The fight for iOS devices could be the next to be lost by Google, in 2015. All eyes are on Apple, because the company’s contract with Google, which implements Google’s search engine as the default in Safari browsers, will expire next year, The Information has heard.

Obviously, other players such as Yahoo and Microsoft have already contacted Apple’s SVP of Internet Products and Services, Eddy Cue, and suggested that it is time to replace Google with their search engines (of course), inside sources have whispered to Emir Efrati.

“Mozilla’s decision last week to replace Google with Yahoo as the default search engine for the Firefox browser in the U.S. was a nice little score for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.”

“But among companies still wringing billions of dollars a year from search ads, all eyes are on the upcoming expiration of the only search distribution deal that matters anymore: Apple’s Safari Web browser.”

It’s an open secret that Apple has been trying to distance itself from Google’s products as built-in services, because it is one of the company’s biggest rivals. For Google, it’s important to note that it has been making more money from iOS than from its Android devices, as it is the default search engine in both Web and mobile versions of Safari.

This means that millions of iOS device owners and Mac users are automatically turning to Google to obtain the data they are after. This obviously represents a valuable spot that Yahoo and Microsoft would like for themselves.

Bing is part of iOS through Siri, and with Yosemite, it also delivers Web searches if you use Spotlight for searching.

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