Canadians More Interested in iPhone than BlackBerry or Samsung: Report

by Istvan Fekete on December 5, 2014

If you want to know what represents interest to a Canadian using the Internet, just check the most-searched-for keywords. This year, the iPhone took the crown, according to the Microsoft-owned Bing search and data division.

Looking back over the past 11 months of this year, Bing found that in the tech category Canadians were more interested in finding information about the iPhone than any Samsung Galaxy or BlackBerry device. However, the second-most-searched electronic device was the Xbox, which compares to Nintendo (#7) and PlayStation (#8).

Despite declining tablet sales, the iPad reserved a place in the most-searched-for top electronics list, taking the sixth position, right after the Samsung Galaxy.

Looking at the most popular tech search terms, we find Facebook at the top of the list, followed by YouTube. Interestingly, Netflix took third place, followed by Gmail and Yahoo Mail in fourth and fifth.

It looks like the iPhone was the most popular tech search in Canada, since we find Apple’s handset among the top 10 in the report as well. According to the Top 10 Searches for Yahoo Canada in 2014 list, the recently released iPhone 6 was the second-most-searched-for term in the country, right after Robin Williams.

In addition, Canada isn’t the only place the iPhone 6 was the most popular search term. Yahoo UK has posted a review of 2014 with a list of the most popular searches, and we find the iPhone 6 at the top of tech search list, alongside other Apple devices such as the iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPad Air.

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