Wind Mobile Hails Ottawa’s Move to Release More Spectrum to Foster Competition

by Istvan Fekete on December 19, 2014

The government has reiterated its commitment to bringing “more choice, lower prices and better service” to Canadians by unveiling its plans for next year: Ottawa will release an unprecedented amount of spectrum to telecom companies.

It starts with the AWS-3 spectrum auction scheduled for March 3, 2015. In this specific case, Industry Minister James Moore announced yesterday that the government will set aside 60% of the available spectrum to new entrants.

Another important step in fostering competition in the highly uncompetitive mobile market is that Ottawa will enable the use of the AWS-4 spectrum band so that a new competitor can offer better coverage in rural and remote areas.

Wind Mobile hailed the government’s announcement, since the country’s fourth-biggest carrier is in the hunt for more spectrum as it plans to expand its services and coverage nationwide.

“True competition means better wireless packages and lower rates for consumers,” said WIND Mobile’s Chairman Anthony Lacavera upon learning of today’s announcements.

“The Federal Government’s commitment to sustained competition from a fourth carrier in every region is entirely in the best interest of Canadians, and we at WIND Mobile are committed to continuing as that alternative in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta,” Lacavera added. “Canadians are already enjoying the benefits of increased competition; wireless rates have come down 22 per cent since WIND Mobile launched. Today’s announcement will only help increase competition further and allow even more benefits to be enjoyed by Canadians.”

Wind’s press release points to a recent OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) study of wireless competition and pricing in 11 countries. The study found that in markets with four or more service providers, “there is a higher likelihood of more competitive and innovative services being introduced and maintained.”

Although the press release slightly contradicts a previous statement from Wind Mobile CEO Pietro Cordova, the carrier considers the industry minister’s announcement a direct invitation to move forward in “providing Canadians with real choice and better prices.”

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