BlackBerry Passport Receives Important Design Award

by Istvan Fekete on February 2, 2015

The BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z3 have been selected to receive the renowned iF label out of the 4,783 entries from 2,102 participants. The smartphones are among the 75 winners honoured with the iF Design Award 2015, the company announced in a blog post.

The iF Design Awards were established in 1953 with the aim of strengthening public awareness of design. This year the participants came from 53 countries, and the jury was made up of designers and experts from 53 countries. The result: A total of 1,629 entries in the disciplines of product design, communication design, packaging design, interior architecture, and professional concepts have been recognized with the iF label, and 75 entries have been honoured with the coveted iF Gold Award.

For BlackBerry, this means a lot, since it has been struggling to preserve its market share around the globe with little success. With the BlackBerry Passport, they made an unconventional design decision that apparently captured the attention of the 53-person jury, honouring this brave step with an award.

”Inspired by the passport, a universal symbol of mobility, the BlackBerry Passport is perfect for traveling light. To continually evolve, the BlackBerry Passport leverages our strength and heritage, yet is new and innovative. The touch-sensitive keypad affords an efficient typing experience, blending the digital and the physical. To enhance the experience, we used the typeface Slate in the same size and color for the physical and onscreen keys. The stainless steel frame, inspired by modern architecture, is exposed to celebrate durability and visual lightness. The display glass is shaped and polished to perfection, fully integrating into the overall form,” said Brian Paschke, Senior Industrial Designer.

The same goes to the BlackBerry Z3: “Built with precision, the BlackBerry Z3 makes the BlackBerry 10 experience accessible to all in a 5” form factor. With a modern and minimal design, it is the perfect balance of utility and elegance. It shares a similar construction to the BlackBerry Passport, holding all elements together in unity. The result is a product that looks and feels slim, yet is highly durable. Audio ports are precision-drilled by a laser to have a unified look with the rear pattern. The alignment between all details and display create a composition that reflects harmony, clarity, and care.”

BlackBerry is a newcomer to the world of iF Design awards, unlike Apple and LG, which have both been ranking well. Apple, for example, is mentioned as the most successful iF award winner, receiving 118 awards in 22 competitions, and received its first award in 1985. Since then, it has won 44 iF Gold Awards, the most recent being in 2013.

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