Cricket Wireless and Amazon Partner to Simplify Switching Networks

by Matt Klassen on April 2, 2015

In a wireless market that is almost completely saturated, with well over 95 percent of the available customer base already locked into some sort of voice/data deal, wireless providers have had to think of creative ways to attract customers from other networks, whether it’s paying their early termination fees, giving them easy ways to upgrade, or, in the case Cricket Wireless, making it incredibly easy to transfer their existing phone onto a different network.

Earlier this week the AT&T subsidiary announced a unique Bring-Your-Own-Device Universal SIM Card Activation Kit that is able to turn any unlocked GSM device into a prepaid Cricket device. The kit, sold through Amazon, will cost $10 and includes a nano-SIM card with both micro and mini adapters. You simply plug the SIM into your phone to activate a new line or to transfer an existing phone number to Cricket’s affordable prepaid service.

The appeal of Cricket’s new SIM card sold through Amazon is that it radically simplifies the process of switching carriers, a necessity in a market where subscriber churn (turnover) rates are really the only way to get new customers. It effectively allows bargain hunters with their own phones to quickly and efficiently sign on to Cricket’s prepaid service, giving them access to AT&T’s nationwide network for only about $40/month.

As Cricket states in its blog post concerning the announcement, “The Cricket BYOD Universal SIM Card kit includes everything mobile users need to take the guesswork out of activating their GSM device. The kit comes with easy-to-use activation instructions, a Nano SIM card, and two tray adaptors for Micro and Mini SIM cards. So no matter what size SIM card a customer’s device requires, the Universal SIM has them covered.”

The partnership with Amazon is also quite unique, as allowing customers to purchase Cricket products and easily transfer networks with a simply online purchase on Amazon opens up a new world of potential customers for Cricket, those too lazy to leave their houses to switch networks I suppose.

But joking aside, simplicity in a saturated mobile market is truly one of the great differentiators. Carriers can offer all the gimmicks they want, but ultimately customers are attracted to the simplicity of switching and the value of the bundles they’re switching too; Cricket offers both, and that could spell trouble for the likes of T-Mobile and Sprint, companies vying for the typically budget oriented prepaid market.

“Like Amazon, Cricket is all about delivering the best customer experience possible,” said Jake Mullins, head of operations, Cricket Wireless. “We’ve built our business on providing first-class nationwide wireless service at a value price – and we make it simple. By working with Amazon, one of the world’s best resources for mobile products and information, we’ll be able to show more customers that there is a smarter choice in wireless – and that choice is Cricket.”

In addition to the Universal SIM card, customers are also able to browse Cricket’s data plans on Amazon as well, like its popular $35/month plan that features 2.5GB of high-speed data, as well as unlimited talk and text.

While there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about this announcement, Cricket is blazing a new trail forward for wireless customers, partnering with Amazon to deliver its products and its network simply and efficiently, two words we don’t normally equate with the existing wireless market that’s for sure.

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