Canadians Spend 50% of their Time on Mobile Devices: Study

by Istvan Fekete on May 12, 2015

Just in case they have neglected the fact, marketers should focus on mobile as first screen, says a 2015 Mobile Personas Report. The market research firm has found Canadians are spending half their time on mobile devices.

The study combines a comprehensive analysis of mobile behaviour, attitudes, and trends over time to help agencies and manufacturers deploy effective mobile strategies. The Mobile Personas’ report analyses Canada’s consumer mobile behaviour, focused on three specific personas: moms, men, and Millennials.

The 2015 Mobile Personas report has found that the most popular mobile platforms among Canadian mobile users are iOS and Android, while BlackBerry is losing field – just as it is globally. The iPad is still the first choice of tablet for Mobile Personas, while Android and Microsoft tablets remain flat compared to last year.

Mobile is a key purchasing tool across 15 different categories, being used 40%–60% of the time, the report reveals. The switch from printed media to digital media automatically results a shift in ad targeting: The majority of Mobile Personas – 60% – read digital flyers and 25%–30% use them.

While younger people are obviously more likely to adopt new technologies, including mobile, as it turns out, mothers are open as well. For moms, smartphones mean emails, texting, driving directions, and weather, the market research firm has found. Also, it is worth noting here that the social aspects of smart devices are up: Social networking and photo sharing has seen a surge in numbers over the past 10 months.

For Millennials, smartphones are a key part of their lives, mostly being used for functional activities (calling, emailing, texting), consuming video, and news content, and more and more for shopping.

Mobile Personas is the result of a collaboration between Brandspark International, Tapped Mobile, and AppPromo. It was created to bring together experts with proven success in the Canadian mobile landscape.

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