Ottawa Publishes List of 2500 MHz Spectrum Auction Winners

by Istvan Fekete on May 13, 2015

The day telecom players and analysts have been waiting for is here: The 2500 MHz spectrum auction has ended, and here is what’s new in the Canadian mobile landscape.

First, Telus is the major winner of the spectrum auction: It has secured 122 licences in key geographic areas, although we have to note here that the bill will also be big. Of the $775 million raised during the auction, Telus’ $479 million accounts for about 61%.

Telus was able to secure licences for 40 MHz of spectrum in every region across Canada. This spectrum is ideal for carrying large amounts of data, which is valuable in urban centres, and will complement the carrier’s existing low-band spectrum.

“Spectrum is the oxygen of a wireless network, the one element that allows Canadians to have an immersive experience while on the move,” said Eros Spadotto, TELUS executive vice-president of Technology Strategy. “TELUS has invested significantly over the last several auctions to ensure our 8.3 million wireless customers will continue to have access to outstanding speed, reach, and capacity as demand for wireless services continues to increase.”

Another big winner of the auction is Quebecor: It secured eighteen 20 MHz licences, in the following areas: Montréal, Québec, Ottawa/Outaouais, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Trois-Rivières, Bas-du-Fleuve/Gaspésie, and Pembroke, and a further two licences in each of Chicoutimi-Jonquière, Eastern Townships, Upper Outaouais, and Abitibi. The carrier will pay $187 million to secure these licences.

“Today’s licence acquisitions continue our strategy of buying spectrum at advantageous prices, mainly to support Videotron’s operations in Québec,” said Pierre Dion, President and CEO of Quebecor. “Videotron is pleased to have acquired this spectrum in Quebec, which is positioned very favourably,” said Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron. “These newly acquired licences are a strategic asset that will help us continue our fast growth in the Québec mobile market.”

Since there is now a cap on the amount of spectrum that can be held by a carrier in a given geographical area, Bell’s and Rogers’ spending has been low. Bell acquired additional spectrum, increasing its holdings by 5%. The latest acquisitions will support Bell’s ongoing roll out of 4G LTE mobile services to Canadian consumers and businesses in urban and rural markets across the country.

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