Dish Network Poised to Make a Big Splash in the Wireless Market

by Matt Klassen on May 26, 2015

For several years now Dish Network, the nation’s second largest satellite television provider, has been hoarding wireless spectrum resources, confounding and frustrating the wireless industry not only by stealing said spectrum away from established wireless companies, but by offering little to no concrete indication of what it plans to do with its stockpile as well.

But now Dish Network’s wireless ambitions seem to be coming into focus, as according to Yahoo Business, the company has been quietly seeking a chief marketing officer to help Dish transition into the dog-eat-dog wireless world.

Labelled “confidential,” the document in question explains that the CMO “will be an integral part of the team that changes entertainment forever as Dish enters the wireless business and becomes the only provider that can offer wireless voice, video and data.”

Simply put, it seems Dish Network is finally pushing forward with a wireless strategy to implement the estimated $50 billion worth of spectrum resources it currently holds, a move that would make Dish the country’s only provider to offer wireless voice, video and data services in one comprehensive package.

For months now Dish Network has talked about entering the wireless broadband market with a comprehensive service package to rival anything offered by the incumbent wireless providers. But so far the satellite TV provider has remained coy about its true intentions, hesitant to give specific details about anything.

In fact, company CEO Charlie Ergen has masterfully danced around a myriad of probing questions, offering non-committal responses to suggestions of possible wireless partnerships (most notably with T-Mobile) and exactly what sorts of comprehensive services Dish will be offering in order to differentiate itself in the ultra-competitive wireless space.

All we really know is what has been leaked, and that points to a radical transformation for a satellite TV provider that has seen flagging profits and a steady stream of customers leaving to more convenient streaming video options.

“We are preparing for something big,” the leaked Dish Network document said, later proclaiming, “This is an incredibly exciting time in our history. We have reinvented ourselves in the past and we are preparing to do it again.”

Whatever its plans are, the clock for implementing them is likely running out, as the Federal Communications Commission has been putting pressure on the company for months now to elucidate its plan for implementing its vast spectrum war chest, that or face stiff penalties and even the repossession of its broadband assets.

All I can say is that with Dish looking to join the likes of Google in entering the wireless market, the already ultra-competitive industry will likely see big changes going forward as new competitors look for ways to do things differently and as established incumbents look to keep pace. Truth be told, it’s the sort of scenario that, in the short term at least, is likely to heavily favour the consumer…for once.

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