Wi-Fi Cellular Data to Account for the Majority of IP Traffic in 2019, Says Cisco

by Istvan Fekete on May 29, 2015

Annual Internet Protocol (IP) traffic is going to more than triple by 2019, according to the annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast.

According to Cisco’s forecast, more than 14% of the total monthly IP traffic is going to come from cellular connections, up from 4% recorded in 2014. By 2019, the company says 53% of monthly IP traffic will come from Wi-Fi connections worldwide, up from 42% in 2014.

Looking forward, Cisco projects fixed-IP traffic to fall to 33% by 2019, down from 54% recorded in 2014, as cellular and Wi-Fi traffic goes up.

When it comes to the amount of data traffic it expects, Cisco reiterated its earlier, February projection, when it said that mobile data traffic would reach an annual rate of 292 exabytes by 2019, a tremendous increase from 30 exabytes recorded last year. (1 exabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes.)

Looking at the Internet of Things market, Cisco says the number of M2M connections will triple over the next five years, reaching 10.5 billion. It also expects a wide range of vertical markets, such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and transportation to adopt connected devices.

The fastest growing segment will allegedly be the healthcare consumer segment, with a projected 54% compound annual growth during the next five years.

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