Three-Year Contracts to End on June 3, 2015

by Istvan Fekete on June 1, 2015

In just a couple of days, the “dark age” of three-year Canadian wireless contracts will reach an end. Starting this Wednesday, every three-year contract which has run for 24 months or more can be cancelled without penalty, according to the new Wireless Code that came into force on December 2, 2013.

What this means to regular Canadian cell phone users is the following: If you signed a wireless contract on June 3, 2013, for example, you can end that contract on June 3, 2015, without being forced to pay a penalty.

The above applies to all three-year contracts signed before June 3, 2013. For those signed between June 3 and December 2, 2013, the situation is a bit different, since the contract will have run for less than 24 months, so you may be required to pay a small cancellation fee determined according to a formula created by the CRTC.

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecom Services (CCTS) has put together a document to help you with that in case you fall into the bucket of people who signed a three-year wireless contract during the aforementioned half-year period.

As the Canadian wireless industry reaches an important milestone – that of the end of three-year contracts – there are other benefits the new Wireless Code brings as highlighted by Open Media: no more “bill shock”, a $100 cap when using wireless data abroad, and a $50 cap on wireless data overage charges in Canada. Telecom providers will need to get your express consent before charging you anything more than these amounts.

  • You’ll have the right to unlock your phone 90 days after purchase. Unlocking your phone enables you to use it on other networks – including networks in other countries. This can really save you money when travelling abroad or moving to a different provider.
  • Your contract must be written in clear language. No more legalese (or at least, less legalese).
  • And finally, if you’re not happy with your service you can return your phone within 15 days with no penalty.

So you’d better check your three-year contract’s issue date and start shopping for better deals, starting June 3, 2015.

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