Mobile and Online Messaging to Exceed 438 Billion per Day by 2019, Juniper Research Says

by Istvan Fekete on July 7, 2015

Mobile and online messaging traffic is poised to reach 160 trillion per annum by 2019, up from 94.2 trillion this year, according to the latest report from Juniper Research. The projected number is equivalent to 438 billion messages sent and received by users on a daily basis by 2019, and includes SMS, MMS, and IM (instant messages), social media and email.

For example, last year email accounted for the largest share of traffic at around 35 trillion messages per year, although almost 80% of this figure (28 trillion) can be categorized as spam. Putting this aside, within the next 12 months, IM will overtake email, generating almost 43 trillion messages annually.

The research, entitled “Sending out an SMS”, details how the negligible cost of IM services has led to significant migration from SMS. What’s noteworthy is that service providers such as Tencent QQ, WhatsApp, and WeChat now have more than 400 million active users, and WhatsApp reported in excess of 30 billion messages sent on a daily basis.

Other players such as Facebook (which, by the way, is the new owner of WhatsApp), Twitter, and Instagram (yet again owned by Facebook) are continuing to experience spikes in usage, with Facebook alone now seeing more than 5.8 billion posts, comments, and likes per day.

After looking into its crystal ball, Juniper Research forecasts that the messaging market will drop from $113.5 billion in 2014 to $112.9 billion in 2019, while mobile IM traffic will continue to grow considerably during the next four years.

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