Making Mobile House Calls: Sprint Unveils Unique Direct 2 You Service

by Matt Klassen on July 15, 2015

In a mobile market saturated with innumerable promotions, deals, bundles, and plans it can be incredibly confusing for customers to parse through the nonsense and find the right plan and the right phone to fit their individual needs. Not only that, but in order to do so the typical routine for the average mobile consumer is to head down to the nearest brick and mortar retail location, wait in line for assistance, and then most often find that they’ve been up-sold to something they really didn’t need in the first place.

Couple those headaches with the fact that once they’ve have locked themselves in to that plan and have that phone in their hand, the vast majority of mobile consumers still have problems understanding and accessing the full range of options their new mobile device provides, leaving many frustrated and more than a little confused.

So while T-Mobile is still revolutionizing the market with its ongoing promotional campaigns, it is Sprint that has offered beleaguered mobile customers some real assistance, unrolling its new Direct 2 You service, which much like the cable television industry, will send a Sprint service rep to your house at a time you determine to give you the personalized service you need to find the right plan and the right phone to fit your needs.

Now granted the house calls model of the cable industry may not be the best, with service windows missed and nightmare tales of the service reps themselves, in the crowded mobile industry I have to say that this may turn out to a be a home-run for Sprint, with the potential to be a huge part of the company’s ongoing recovery.

The simple fact is that the mobile industry is packed with consumers who know almost nothing about the products they want to buy or the services they require to meet their mobile needs. Like me, I would guess that the vast majority of mobile consumers are, for lack of a better term, smartphone idiots, unaware of how much data they should purchase or even what smartphone features they need and want. I mean, how many people are walking around with high-end smartphones who only use the text and Internet buttons?

It is here that Sprint’s Direct 2 You service really meets a need, as the company’s service rep will give you an individual consultation, laying out the available plans, accompanied with low-pressure recommendations (with promises of limited up-selling) for potential devices and service plans, followed by the consultant assisting you in setting up the smartphone (downloading relevant apps, porting contacts and info from one phone to another etc…) to operate as you need it to.

Simply put, Sprint is offering unique individual, customized service that runs on your schedule, ideally leaving customers not only feeling valued, but feeling that they got value for their money by not having to buy a phone or a service plan that wasn’t right for them.

In the end, while I certainly do appreciate the efforts T-Mobile is making to revolutionize the mobile market, I have to say that so far I’m impressed by Sprint’s far more practical approach to improving customer service and simplifying what has become a confusing and onerous purchasing process. If this stands as the beginning of what Sprint has in mind for its recovery, I’m actually excited to see what they come out with next.

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