Google Aims to Revive Failed Google Glass Project with New Hires

by Istvan Fekete on September 17, 2015

After the failure of Google Glass, the search giant has been working on a new wearable technology known as Project Aura and is hiring experts from Amazon’s secretive Lab126 to kick off the new group, reports Business Insider.

The project apparently started in June, with the aim of reviving the search giant’s first wearable computer, Google Glass, but considering its failure rate, it may focus on developing related wearable technology.

Instead of being a standalone company, Project Aura will either remain within Google or ultimately fold into the Nest smart appliance business, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Ex-Apple, now Google employee Tony Fadell, known as the father of the iPod, will continue to have high-level oversight of the project. The source couldn’t tell what will happen after Nest becomes a separate Alphabet company.

Considering that Amazon is reducing the number of Lab126 employees, Google’s hire comes right on time for qualified engineers.

Employees who are part of Project Aura will be busy rebranding the failed Glass image and also opening the door to a broader scope of wearable technology initiatives to help Google compete against its rivals. While Google has stopped selling the $1,500 Glass to consumers, it still sells it to businesses and is allegedly working on a new enterprise version of the device.

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