Apple Drives Toward 2019 Electric Car Release

by Matt Klassen on September 23, 2015

Apple has been interested in the automotive industry for years, that much is for certain. In fact, Steve Jobs reportedly saw the car market as one of the next great growth industries for his company, scoffing at other technological niche markets like wearables and phablets that his company has already since embraced. Not only that, but when the rumours went viral earlier this year, I just knew that the dire warning from the automotive industry itself that Apple was out of its depth would simply add motivation for the company to push forward with its plans…regardless of how foolhardy they might be.

To that end, after years of rumours and speculation, the Cupertino Company is reportedly committing itself wholeheartedly to producing an electric car, designating it as a “committed project” and setting a release date for 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This news will undoubtedly come at the chagrin of the automotive industry as a whole, for the last thing an aging dinosaur like that needs, particularly one heavily reliant on fossil fuels, is the added competition created when unquestionably the most popular single name in technology comes wandering in with big dreams and even bigger promises.

I suppose the irony in all this is that with this project Apple is looking to add its brand presence to a struggling green energy vehicle market, one that, so far, has stayed on the periphery of the car industry, while the Cupertino has long flouted environmental standards in the mobile sector; it’s products infamous for their negative impact on the environment.

But actual concern for Mother Earth aside, since the rumours about Apple’s interest in the automotive industry first broke in February, the company has made several hires that would hint at its commitment to this project, bringing on board experts in self-driving cars, seeking out potential production facilities, and giving permission for the leaders of this project, code-named Titan, to expand their 600 person team threefold.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Daisuke Wakabayashi explains, despite the fact that the automotive industry has scoffed at Apple’s competence in the sector, the company could bring industry-altering technology to the table. “Apple’s commitment is a sign that the company sees an opportunity to become a player in the automotive industry by applying expertise that it has honed in developing iPhones—in areas such as batteries, sensors and hardware-software integration—to the next generation of cars.”

While Apple has been exploring self-driving technology, there is nothing to say that the first iteration of the car, which many doubt will actually be ready by 2019, will have such features, with the WSJ report noting that expanding into self-driving technology will likely come farther down the road.

All that to say, if you were wondering what the next frontier of mobile technology would be, look no further than the automotive industry. With Google already pioneering advances and Apple poised to follow suit, all I can say is that the cars of tomorrow may finally take that evolutionary step forward that we’ve been waiting for so long to see.

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