Google Acquires Jibe Mobile to Incorporate RCS Messaging Standard in Android

by Istvan Fekete on October 1, 2015

Google has announced that it has acquired Jibe Mobile, a startup focused on Rich Communications Services (RCS). The company was known as the “cloud communications company for mobile operators”.

Jibe was the first open technology platform and only end-to-end cloud-based solution to enable carriers to leverage the most advanced telecom industry IP standards to deploy new messaging services with features such as video calling, VoIP messaging, and media-file sharing natively on their devices.

Since Google aims to become a carrier in the US, acquiring Jibe makes sense, because mobile messaging has “never been more central to people’s lives”, the Internet giant said in a blog post announcing the acquisition.

For example, SMS messaging is used by billions of people on a daily basis, enabling people to reach anyone around the world, regardless of their carrier, device, or location. Unfortunately, SMS has limited features, and that’s where Jibe Mobile’s RCS services come in handy. It enables carriers to bring features a customer expects from mobile messaging nowadays, such as group chats, high-resolution photos, and more.

“Many leaders in the wireless industry have already put great work into laying the foundation for RCS, and we’ve heard from many of them that there are ways Android can help. We’re excited to team up with mobile operators, device makers and the rest of the Android ecosystem to support RCS standards and help accelerate their deployment in a more consistent way. We’re already working closely with many of our partners on implementing RCS, and look forward to growing the RCS ecosystem together,” says Google.

According to information uncovered by Venture Beat, Jibe has raised $9.1 million to date, with the more recent round being in December 2012, when it raised $8.3 million.

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