Sprint LTE Network Best in US: OpenSignal Network Latency Report

by Istvan Fekete on October 29, 2015

Wireless network speeds remain the focus of attention not just in the US, but worldwide. And we’ve seen that it isn’t just a theory: LTE networks clearly provide faster download speeds than 3G networks.

Relatively little attention has been paid to 3G and LTE latency speeds, which is a key component of the wireless carriers’ marketing materials pushing for LTE connectivity. The majority of operators have pointed to improved latency as a major reason for deploying their LTE networks.

When Verizon announced its LTE deployment in 2010, the operator said the “user base latency achieved in LTE is approximately half the corresponding latency in existing 3G technologies. This provides a direct service advantage for highly immersive and interactive application environments, such as multiplayer gaming and rich multimedia communications.”

In a partnership with OpenSignal, FierceWireless aims to shed light on the matter by testing and analyzing US wireless networks.

The chart inserted above reveals how the carriers stacked up against each other in the third calendar quarter. As it turns out, Sprint’s LTE network is the best, because OpenSignal’s tests show only 68 ms, which compares to AT&T’s 85 ms, Verizon’s 76 ms, and T-Mobile’s 73 ms. The above numbers also reveal that T-Mobile’s LTE network beats those of the incumbents.

OpenSignal uses a panel of more than a million consumer devices to provide real world data on the performance and coverage of mobile networks.

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