FCC Should Allow Telcos to Discontinue Legacy TDM-Based Services, Says Verizon

by Istvan Fekete on November 3, 2015

The FCC should create a “safe harbour” for discontinuation of legacy TDM-based services, says Verizon. With the safe harbour in place, telcos would have the certainty and the ability to put a plan in place, the company added.

Verizon’s comments on the current situation comes at a time when the telecom giant is transitioning more of its network from copper to fibre and IP. The wireless player has filed a paper with the FCC asking it to modify a number of its proposed new criteria for assessing whether a replacement service is a “reasonable substitute for a legacy service that a carrier seeks to discontinue.”

“Regardless of what the Commission decides to do with those criteria, the Commission should adopt a safe harbor approach outside of those criteria for discontinuances of outdated or largely unused services or for services for which there is no means to continue them, when discontinuing those services will not affect the ability to call 9-1-1,” Verizon said in a filing.

From Verizon’s position, any service that’s within this safe harbour should have an application automatically granted by the FCC after due notice is given.
Such a structure comes with problems, though. One of the issues often raised is whether a consumer would be able to call 911 during an emergency.

Verizon had an answer for this one as well. In the FCC filing it says the number of services the telco and its counterparts want to terminate would not affect 911 calling, since they don’t involve voice or because customers have adopted a wireless or VoIP service.

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