Apple Pay Launches in Canada on November 17

by Istvan Fekete on November 17, 2015

Earlier last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Pay would launch in Canada and Australia by the end of the year in partnership with American Express. After lengthy weeks of guessing and speculation, we now have a launch date: November 17, as confirmed to iPhone in Canada by Amex support.

“According to American Express, the service is set to launch this Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Customer service representatives we spoke with confirmed the date over the phone numerous times, and is in line with what you’ve told us as well,” iPhone in Canada reports.

In late October, American Express announced a partnership with Apple and said that its customers should be the first to use the iPhone maker’s mobile payment service in the aforementioned new markets. Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore will get the same treatment next year.

“With a global issuer like American Express, we are thrilled to seamlessly bring our easy, secure and private way to pay to more customers internationally,” Apple Pay vice president Jennifer Bailey said at the time.

Following the confirmation of the launch date by Amex support, yesterday Apple Pay went live (unofficially) in Canada, as confirmed by iPhone in Canada and its readers. If you own an iPhone and an American Express–issued card, you will be able to add it to Wallet and start making purchases in-store and online using Apple Pay.

But there is one thing you’ll need to do: set your region to United States. The iPhone will restart and you are good to go, although you must know that the card will require phone verification. Since the official launch date is set for today, customer service representatives couldn’t confirm the cards – readers successfully added their Amex card, but couldn’t get phone verification – so you’ll need to wait until this morning’s official announcement.

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