Avaya IP Office Through the Years – From Inception in 2002 to Today

by Jeff Wiener on November 25, 2015

The business phone system has evolved exponentially over a relatively short period of time, growing from a basic tool for inter-office and conference connection and communication less than two decades ago, to an comprehensive multi-channel communication system with an ever-growing suite of advanced features and capabilities today. In fact, consider that in just over ten years the business phone system industry has gone from the basic desktop set to remote connectivity anywhere in the world, a staggering leap in innovation that shows no signs of letting up.

Just a glance at the infographic below and it’s clear that the business phone system technology introduced just over a decade ago in Avaya’s first iteration of its now world famous IP Office suite is now all but obsolete, and with the current breadth of features and services available, it can be incredibly confusing to know what your business will need not only to meet your communication needs today, but to facilitate growth going forward.

Not only that, but with such rapid growth comes rapid advancement in products and services as well, leaving many with questions about to integrate their legacy phone systems with the latest telecommunications technology. We understand that you’ve already invested your company’s hard-earned money into your phone system, and it’s here that our expert team at Digitcom, a leading specialist in Avaya phone systems, can help.

Given how far phone systems have come in ten years, can you afford to be left with the wrong business communication technology?

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