Wind Mobile Begins Nationwide Network Upgrade with Vancouver

by Istvan Fekete on December 16, 2015

wind_mobileWind Mobile has announced that it will enhance network coverage and speed nationwide and, as a first step, is focusing on the Greater Vancouver area. The carrier has acquired new equipment to replace aging Huawei gear and, as part of the upgrade, will switch on some of the AWS-1 spectrum it recently grabbed from Rogers.

“WIND customers in the Greater Vancouver area are already noticing better performance as we upgrade every aspect of our network components,” said Dean Price, Vice President & General Manager – Western Region, WIND Mobile. “We expect to have our Greater Vancouver coverage area completed by the end of January 2016.”

“We’re dedicated to doing what is necessary to improve our network in the West to handle the surge of new customers who have joined WIND Mobile”, Dean Price said. The new equipment and additional spectrum capacity will deliver enhanced performance in all of our services: more capacity, faster data speed and improved call quality.

The wireless startup, which claims to be a true alternative for Canadian wireless subscribers, is still a bit short of its goal, however: It currently has more than 825,000 wireless subscribers (roughly 175,000 short of the 1 million target set for the end of the current calendar year).

Wind has ambitious plans, though: It recently secured $425 million in financing to build an LTE network. Thanks to a partnership with Nokia Networks, the carrier will be able to offer a viable alternative to Canadian wireless subscribers in 18 months.

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