FCC Accidentally Unveils Next Generation of Google Glass

by Matt Klassen on December 30, 2015

Google-Glass-2016-FCC-3-640x425For some it was the best of geek chic, for others the birth of a new kind of mobile monster, but regardless of what you may have thought of Google’s controversial Glass eyewear project, there’s no question that this year in particular has been a whirlwind for the glasses of the future.

The year began with Google announcing it was heading back to the drawing board with his eyewear project, discontinuing the pilot project amidst promises that it was certainly not done with wearables. We then heard tantalizing news that Google was partnering with popular eyewear brands Oakley and Ray-Ban for some yet to seen consumer project. Then this past summer news broke that Google was indeed taking another crack at Glass, as a filing with the Federal Communications Commission revealed that the company was testing an enterprise-oriented eyewear project, dubbed Aura.

Now the year ends with another interesting tidbit of information, the fact that the FCC has essentially leaked the first photos of the next generation of Google Glass even before Google has officially acknowledged the project itself, for as part of its documentation related to the project, the Commission posted pictures of the device from every angle, every dismantled, showing the device’s inner hardware.

Curiously, the FCC’s documentation of this next generation, enterprise-oriented Glass project comes before we have any sort of official confirmation from the company itself that the device even exists, meaning the Commission has accidentally just leaked documents about a project before Google has even had a chance to start selling it to the public.

But here’s where this story takes a different sort of turn, as although it is true that Google has yet to officially announce “Google Glass 2.0”, there may be a good reason for that: it’s not for us. According to reports, the plan is to distribute the device through the Glass for Work partners, meaning it’s unlikely that Google will make this device available to consumers at all.

In fact, while Google has yet to officially announce the project, reports indicate that its already seen some initial distribution, and testing in the field (by Glass at Work partners) is well under way.

With that in mind, perhaps it’s not as big a deal for the FCC to spoil Google’s big surprise, because Glass 2.0 will not be a consumer product, and those who will have access to the project (again, the company’s Glass partners) already know everything they need to know about the device.

That said, while the FCC filing does give us a good look at the hardware and design of the next generation of Google Glass, one has to think that the company will clue in the rest of the world at its annual Google I/O conference, although that is still several months away.

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