AT&T Revives Unlimited Data Plan for DirecTV Customers

by Matt Klassen on January 14, 2016

directv-attAfter years of complaining that unlimited data plans were unsustainable, unprofitable, and downright unhelpful for sustaining high network performance for all customers, AT&T has returned to the land of the unlimited,  with a number of strings attached of course.

On Monday Ma Bell announced that for a limited time customers who enrol in one of the company’s TV services, either DirecTV or U-Verse, will be eligible for an unlimited mobile data plan as well.

The limited-time offer comes as carriers continue to augment or move away from such unlimited offerings, as both AT&T and Verizon abandoned the idea years ago, while Sprint and T-Mobile, who both still offer some sort of unlimited data plan, have both increased prices.

So is this plan right for you? I suppose it depends on your data usage and TV habits, and whether or not you’re willing to bind yourself to AT&T for all your communication and entertainment needs.

Now all carriers continue to offer unlimited data plans of one sort or another, as both Verizon and AT&T still have dedicated customers who hold to their grandfathered unlimited data plans, while Sprint and T-Mobile still offer such a promotion. Across the board all carriers have altered their unlimited plans, increasing prices and instituting usage caps.

For those interested in this latest promotion from AT&T that means that after 22GB, the carrier will throttle your connection speeds, although to be fair 22GB is a massive amount of data, and the vast majority of Internet users never even come close to that.

According to Ma Bell, the unlimited data deal will cost users $60/month, with an extra $40 for each line connected. For DirecTV satellite television service, AT&T is offering it at $19.99/month, with a $10 rebate for those who bundle. To put it simply, to add one phone and the TV service, customers would pay $110, for two lines $150, and so on. The new promotion includes unlimited voice and text communication as well.

Now keep in mind that this limited time offer will change, as after the first year DirecTV access will jump to $50, plus the hardware installation fee of $7.

The fact of the matter is, though, that if you’re a heavy data user and not picky about your television provider, this might be the deal for you, as even after the first year of the promotion, two lines with unlimited data and television service for under $200 seems like a fabulous deal to me, given that I currently pay that amount for significantly less data and only one phone connected.

If you’re not interested in the television service though, consider that both Sprint and T-Mobile offer unlimited data plans as well for $75 and $90 respectively, although neither can boast the nationwide coverage of AT&T.

Beyond that, if you prepare yourself for the fact that AT&T will likely alter the conditions of this unlimited data plan when it becomes burdensome, it does strike me as offering some value to some people. So like always, price it out, and if there are savings to be had perhaps AT&T is the right choice for you…and I never thought I’d say that.

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