Apple unveils new gadgets with little hype and even less fanfare

by Matt Klassen on March 22, 2016

appleIt’s quiet around Cupertino these days, far too quiet for a day when Apple is once again attempting to rouse the masses to techno-hysteria by finally unveiling its latest round of products after weeks of hints and hype. But that’s really the problem, there hasn’t been any hype. Granted most of us who follow tech and telecom trends knew that yesterday was coming—that Apple had scheduled yet another release event and had invited the glitterati of the tech world—but I doubt that many beyond that group knew anything was happening at all, and that’s bad news for Apple.

In fact, over the last few weeks when Apple’s contentious battle with the FBI over encryption standards continues to wage, it seems that product hype was taken a backseat, and given that most people don’t buy iPhones specifically for their privacy and encryption standards, and more because Apple told them to, that seems to be a dark omen for a company who definitely needs a lift after months of flagging sales.

To that end Apple quietly unveiled a handful of products on Monday, some of which you might like, most of which you’ll forget about quickly: a smaller, more affordable iPhone SE, an enterprise iPad, and a budget-conscious Apple Watch price reduction.

There was a time when leading up to an Apple release event my inbox of trending tech and telecom news would be full of speculation and rumour about Apple’s invitation, possible hints about what we’ll see, and tons of conjecture about how its products will change the game. It’s strange, then, when an Apple event is upon us and I don’t hear anything about anything regarding hype or speculation. In fact, all I hear about is encryption.

It’s like walking into a once thriving boom town, where entertainment, satisfaction and riches were available at every corner, only to see tumble weeds and dust devils occupying the streets.

But of course Apple being Apple, the silence could have been part of a larger plan, subverting our expectations in order to truly rock our worlds. I certainly wouldn’t have put that past a company known for its ultra-secretive projects. But unfortunately a new small 4-inch budget iPhone, an enterprise iPad, and a reintroduction to a watch no one can still really afford really don’t foot the bill.

What there was no shortage of in Apple’s Monday event was self-aggrandizement, as there was plenty of boasting about Apple Renew, the company’s recycling program, the company’s steadfast commitment to fight evil government intrusion, and plenty of promises of big things to come.

Unfortunately what that means is that we all endured the most disappointing Apple event in history, a day of budgeted hype for budget products. While the iPhone SE may be something that appeals to some, it and its iPad and Apple Watch cohorts lack the chops to induce the general hysteria we’ve seen in years past, and I have to wonder if this is merely an entire event meant to subvert our expectations in order for Apple to truly blow us out of the water further down the road, or if truly the words “mundane” and “lacklustre” have now become part of the company’s marketing lexicon.

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