T-Mobile Welcomes Visitors with New “Tourist Plan”

by Matt Klassen on June 3, 2016

t-mobile-tourist-planTravelling abroad with your mobile device can be a challenge, as prohibitive international roaming charges often compel many to remain largely disconnected when visiting other countries. In an effort to combat this extant industry issue, some time ago T-Mobile unveiled its Simple Global international plan, offering its customers free roaming across 145 countries worldwide. Now T-Mobile is doing one better, flipping its international plan on its head by offering visitors to the US the same sort of service.

Starting on June 12th, T-Mobile announced it will offer a new “Tourist Plan,” which allows anyone visiting the US with an unlocked phone to purchase a 3-week all-in plan for $30.

Ostensibly creating a prepaid option that allows users to retain their own phone (only if it’s unlocked), T-Mobile will be able to directly access a largely untapped market, the millions of visitors who come to the US every year. Sure many of those visitors already have a roaming plan through their own provider back home, but for many others caught in a pinch, T-Mobile is ready to help.

The plan breaks down like this:

  • Unlimited data (but 4G LTE speeds for only the first 2GB)
  • Unlimited domestic (US) and international texting to more than 140 nations
  • 1,000 minutes of talk time within the US
  • Free SIM card, no activation fee

Now of course if this plan sounds too good to be true, note that it does come with several provisos, namely that it expires automatically after three weeks with no option for renewal, it doesn’t include calls outside the US, and customers don’t have an option to purchase additional high-speed data access after they’ve used up their allotment.

Further, it doesn’t include access to the company’s popular Binge On streaming video service, which allows customers to view certain online content without it counting against their data caps.

Still, for those without a quality roaming plan and who don’t want to risk incurring those stiff roaming penalties, it is a quality option that offers affordable and easy connection to a decent US network, with no surprises on your mobile bill when you get back home.

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