Digitcom Logo LargeWelcome to TheTelecomBlog.com. This blog is written by a number of Telecom enthusiasts and guest bloggers, and edited by Jeff Wiener, President of Digitcom.ca.

About Jeff Wiener:
Picture 3I spend my work days running Digitcom.ca, a Telecom company operating from Toronto, Canada. I have been in the Telecom business since 1991 selling and servicing voice and data solutions to the SMB market space. I started as a field technician – did that for 6 months and realized I wasn’t smart enough to install and support product in the field, so, I got into sales !

I spend my spare time with my family, wife, and 2 kids. I enjoy water skiing, although unfortunately the Canadian weather isn’t that conducive to outdoor water sports. I spend the other part of my limited spare time reading technical and business publications, and the little spare time that’s left writing blog posts for TheTelecomBlog.com, or my personal business blog on entrepreneurship. I also sit on the Avaya IOC Advisory council – if you deal with Avaya products and have some product suggestions then drop me a line.

I’m going to take a North American approach to the views, posts, and opinions.

I can be reached by phone at: (416) 783-7890 X 201, or by email at: jw [at] digitcom.ca, or jeff {at} jeffwiener.com

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About Jason Finnerty:
Picture 20After a twenty year break from writing, Jason returned to the education system to complete his BA in Professional Communications. He brings his sarcasm sense of humor, research skills, and his ability to see through the fluff and find the real story to the readers of TheTelecomBlog.com. With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications field at Shaw Cable, Jason is able to sift through the rhetoric and find the real answers from the telecom giants.

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About Gaurav Kheterpal
Gaurav Kheterpal is a seasoned technology professional with nearly a decade of experience in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Open Source Technologies. Gaurav did his B.S from Thapar University , India and his Masters from BITS, Pilani, India . He has worked in several engineering positions for Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens and Conexant Systems. He is a self proclaimed addict to the world of cell phones, messaging, collaboration & communication.

He is a voracious reader and a compulsive writer. Gaurav is an active member of various IETF forums related to signaling / media and an avid follower of technology changes in mobile handsets, telecom equipment and social networking. When he’s not writing about technology, he’s usually spending time playing with his daughter or updating his daughter’s blog.

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About Matt Klassen:
Matt is a global wanderer, avid blogger, and consummate professional – plus we think he smells pretty good too! While being a relative newcomer to the telecom world, he has been writing for over 10 years in a variety of fields including tech, travel, philosophy, business, sports, and film. You name it, he’s written about it! He holds a Master of Arts in Religious Studies and has taught at several universities and colleges across Western Canada. When he’s not uncovering the latest telecom scandal or off exploring the world, Matt can be found enjoying his other passions: playing hockey, spending time with his wife, and contemplating the mysteries of the universe (in that order too!).

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About Jordan Richardson
Jordan Richardson is a veteran blogger and writer. With a host of published pieces in a range of fields, his peerless perspective enables him to get a handle on the lively world of Canada’s telecom giants. Jordan’s ability to research and bother people has earned him opportunities the world over to probe some of today’s most sensitive and absorbing issues.

When Jordan isn’t tracking down the goods on Rogers, Bell and Telus, he can be found watching foreign films or pouring soap in fountains. His extensive team of mystifying ninja sources by his side, Jordan is always ready to tackle the day’s events with a fresh perspective and a half-full glass of wine.

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