Predicted Wireless Consolidation could see T-Mobile Takeover

by Matt KlassenJune 6, 2016

One asset management firm has predicted continued attempts at consolidation among the country’s top four carriers going forward, and considers T-Mobile as the most likely target for acquisition. According to Gabelli & Co., “While most substantive M&A [merger and acquisition] discussions in the wireless sector are currently on hold due to the broadcasting spectrum auction, […]

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T-Mobile Welcomes Visitors with New “Tourist Plan”

by Matt KlassenJune 3, 2016

Travelling abroad with your mobile device can be a challenge, as prohibitive international roaming charges often compel many to remain largely disconnected when visiting other countries. In an effort to combat this extant industry issue, some time ago T-Mobile unveiled its Simple Global international plan, offering its customers free roaming across 145 countries worldwide. Now […]

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The Innovation Trap: How Greed Undermines Continued Growth

by Jeff WienerJune 3, 2016

As the technology continue to evolve, we, as businesses, must continue to do the same, ever looking to find better ways of doing things, better products for our customers, better processes, designs, solutions…everything. In short, for any business to survive in today’s technology driven world, they must innovate, always challenging the status quo in an […]

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Exponential Increase in Mobile Data Consumption by 2021, Ericsson Predicts

by Matt KlassenJune 2, 2016

More smartphones, faster networks, and video’s growing dominance will all lead to an exponential increase in wireless data consumption by 2021, a study from Ericsson suggests. In fact, as Ericsson’s annual Mobility Report argues (PDF), in five years North Americans will consume, on average, 22GB of data per month, primarily on their smartphones, a significant […]

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No Money, No Enforcement: Net Neutrality Faces Crippling Budget Attack

by Matt KlassenJune 1, 2016

For years the telecom industry has been fighting against the Federal Communications Commission’s controversial Net Neutrality regulations, with legal challenges often resulting in opposite decisions that, while bringing no decisive closure, have always seemed to keep the dream alive. Then the FCC took steps to change the entire Net Neutrality discussion, reclassifying broadband service as […]

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Do Contactless Payment Options Make it too Easy to Spend Money?

by Matt KlassenMay 31, 2016

The two cornerstones of the still emerging contactless mobile payment revolution are convenience and control; that by tapping or swiping a phone or watch or card consumers will have an easier and faster way to pay for things, but through real-time updates and the like, more control over their spending as well. Excuse me for […]

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Apple Working on “All Glass” iPhone

by Matt KlassenMay 30, 2016

While Apple will likely offer yet another incremental upgrade on the iPhone 6 later his year when it releases the hardly anticipated iPhone 7, a leak along the company’s supply chain has revealed that one big change for next year’s iPhone (either the 7S or 8) is that it will have an “all glass” body. […]

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The Death of the Call Centre

by Jeff WienerMay 27, 2016

For some time now we’ve been talking about the digital evolution of the telecom industry, but to this point it’s been an almost entirely theoretical conversation. In an effort to truly see what we’re talking about when we speak of the “digital age,” consider the impending death of one legacy era concept that I’m surely […]

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The Robots are Coming: Foxconn Begins to Automate its Workforce

by Matt KlassenMay 27, 2016

The robots are coming; heck, in many heavy manufacturing industries, they’re already here. Last year infamous tech manufacturing giant Foxconn announced a plan to heavily automate its workforce, and this week we got the first signs that Apple and Samsung’s chief manufacturing partner has initiated its promised robot revolution, with reports that it has replaced upwards […]

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Zero-rating unlikely to undermine Net Neutrality, ITIF report argues

by Matt KlassenMay 26, 2016

Strictly speaking, zero-rating services, which allow consumers to access certain online content and services without it counting against their monthly data allotments, violates the spirit of net neutrality, of that there is no doubt. By definition zero-rated data is treated differently than other data (primarily, it’s free), and there’s no question that it has been created […]

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