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iPhone 5S

Smartphone Users Comfortable with Biometrics, PayPal Survey Finds

by Istvan Fekete on October 10, 2013

A Meaningless Mobile Advance: Investigating 64-Bit Smartphone Processors

by Jeff Wiener on September 17, 2013

Apple’s Present Struggles to Compete with Apple’s Past

by Jeff Wiener on September 12, 2013

Apple Doubles Down with Two New iPhones

by Matt Klassen on September 11, 2013

Apple Stands at a Crossroads: Incremental Upgrade or Innovative Redesign?

by Jeff Wiener on April 11, 2013

Apple Rumoured to be Testing iPhone 6

by Matt Klassen on January 4, 2013

Thinner, lighter iPad 5 to launch in March – iPhone 5S concept

by Istvan Fekete on December 24, 2012