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Nokia takes Circuitous Route Back to the Mobile Market

by Matt Klassen on May 19, 2016

Microsoft Promises to Report Government Surveillance

by Matt Klassen on January 5, 2016

Microsoft’s Surface Book Laptop is Designed to Earn your Love, but it may Anger Windows’ Partners

by Matt Klassen on October 7, 2015

Apple’s About-Face: New Productivity Oriented iPad Steals Microsoft’s Surface Thunder

by Matt Klassen on September 11, 2015

Microsoft’s Nokia smartphone blunder evidence that tech and mobile telecom just don’t mix

by Matt Klassen on August 27, 2015

Microsoft Cuts 7,800 Jobs from Smartphone Division, Refocuses Failed Mobile Strategy

by Matt Klassen on July 9, 2015

Microsoft Will Allegedly Allow Android Apps to Run on Windows 10 Phones

by Istvan Fekete on April 29, 2015

Nokia Denies Smartphone Interest

by Matt Klassen on April 29, 2015

Partnership with Samsung Brings Microsoft’s Services to Android Devices

by Istvan Fekete on March 25, 2015

Tech and Telecom Giants Support Resistance to Government Data Collection Demands

by Matt Klassen on December 17, 2014