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In-Store NFC Mobile Payments Will Gain Momentum in Canada by the End of 2015, Says Deloitte

by Istvan Fekete on January 14, 2015

Chevron Teams with Apple for Mobile Payments at the Pump

by Matt Klassen on December 31, 2014

Wireless Carriers Seek Greater Role in the Mobile Payment Revolution

by Matt Klassen on December 4, 2013

Google Adds Debit Cards to Wallet Service

by Matt Klassen on November 21, 2013

Telus Rumoured to Introduce NFC-Enabled SIM Card October 10

by Istvan Fekete on October 9, 2013

Google Wallet Goes Beyond NFC, and Now Supports All Android Phones

by Istvan Fekete on September 19, 2013

PayPal using smartphones to trial digital payment system in Toronto restaurants

by Andrew Roach on August 29, 2013

Apple’s AirDrop Avoids NFC…Again

by Matt Klassen on June 13, 2013’s Top 6 Posts for April 2013

by Matt Klassen on May 6, 2013

How NFC can leave our finances exposed

by Andrew Roach on April 25, 2013