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The State of New York vs. Smartphone Encryption (and how it impacts us all)

by Matt Klassen on January 18, 2016

iSPY: Covert CIA Decryption Campaign Targets Apple’s iOS

by Matt Klassen on March 18, 2015

Conscripting Private Online Enterprise in the Battle against Terrorism

by Matt Klassen on December 2, 2014

Germany Caught “Accidentally” Spying on American Government Officials

by Matt Klassen on August 18, 2014

Three New Documents on Telephone Metadata Collection Declassified by US Government

by Istvan Fekete on July 10, 2014

Privacy and Civil Liberties Board Goes Soft on NSA Spying

by Matt Klassen on July 8, 2014

Germany Cancels Verizon Contract over Security Concerns

by Matt Klassen on July 3, 2014

Tech Giants Protest Government Gag Orders Regarding Information Requests

by Matt Klassen on May 26, 2014