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Nokia Scoops Up Feature Phone OS Maker Smarterphone

by Gaurav Kheterpal on January 9, 2012

Is Facebook Secretly Developing a Social Networking Phone/OS?

by Matt Klassen on September 21, 2010

Microsoft Lands O/S Deals

by Jeff Wiener on July 26, 2010

Google’s Android OS Becomes Far More Expensive, and a Lot Less Attractive

by Matt Klassen on May 4, 2010

Nokia Reveals N8: Its Disappointing 2010 Flagship Phone

by Matt Klassen on April 29, 2010

Samsung Unveils its First Bada-Powered Phones: Another Drop in the Ocean of Mobile Devices

by Matt Klassen on April 28, 2010

Dell Releases Aero on AT&T: A Subpar Phone for a Subpar Network

by Matt Klassen on March 25, 2010

Skype Expands Its Dominance: Now Available on Nokia’s Ovi Store

by Matt Klassen on March 4, 2010