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Google goes Trolling for Patents

by Matt Klassen on April 30, 2015

Nokia Warned Against Becoming a Patent Troll

by Matt Klassen on December 10, 2013

Senate Attempts to Root Out Patent Trolls

by Jeff Wiener on November 12, 2013

T-Mobile Abandons Blackberry

by Matt Klassen on September 27, 2013

President Obama Tackles Patent Trolls

by Matt Klassen on June 5, 2013

Wi-LAN Sues Research In Motion

by Jordan Richardson on January 24, 2012

Patent Lawsuit Nets All the Big Mobile Fish…and Everyone else too!

by Matt Klassen on April 4, 2011

ITC Reviews Kodak’s Patent Case against Apple & RIM

by Matt Klassen on March 28, 2011’s Top 6 Posts for December 2010

by Jeff Wiener on January 3, 2011

Mobile Trolls Pick Nortel’s Bones for Patent Scraps

by Matt Klassen on December 14, 2010