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When Cybercrime Hits Home: VTech Hack Exposes Personal Information of Children

by Matt Klassen on December 2, 2015

How much is your Personal Information Worth? FCC and AT&T Settle on Data Breach Fines

by Matt Klassen on April 9, 2015

RadioShack Puts Customer Information on the Auction Block

by Jeff Wiener on March 27, 2015

Telus and Public Safety Canada Educate Canadians to Protect Personal Information Stored on Smartphones

by Istvan Fekete on February 25, 2015

Android’s Default Phone Wipe Leaves a lot to be Desired

by Matt Klassen on July 11, 2014

A Resolution for 2014: Protect your Data

by Matt Klassen on January 9, 2014

Google Uses Services to Spin “Invisible Web” of Data Collection

by Matt Klassen on November 29, 2013

New Search Service Provides Personalized ‘Vu’ of the Internet

by Matt Klassen on June 21, 2013

Google Reveals how Targeted Advertising Works

by Matt Klassen on November 3, 2011