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Netflix Admits to Throttling Streaming Video on Major Networks

by Matt Klassen on March 29, 2016

T-Mobile finally adds YouTube to Binge On

by Matt Klassen on March 21, 2016

Play Ball! T-Mobile Returns as Official Partner of Major League Baseball

by Matt Klassen on March 17, 2016

How Popular Opinion will win the Zero-Rating Controversy

by Jeff Wiener on February 12, 2016

Does Verizon’s new Zero-Rated Video Service run afoul of Net Neutrality?

by Matt Klassen on February 11, 2016

T-Mobile’s “Binge On” Violates Net Neutrality, Stanford Study Finds

by Matt Klassen on February 2, 2016

Carrier vs. Content: YouTube Claims T-Mobile is Throttling Video Stream

by Matt Klassen on January 6, 2016

T-Mobile lets Customers Binge on Streaming Video without the Data Cost

by Matt Klassen on November 12, 2015

Verizon Considers Separating Streaming Video from Mobile Data Service

by Matt Klassen on July 22, 2015

Amazon Prime arrives on Android (but at the expense of the Fire Phone)

by Matt Klassen on September 15, 2014